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Wooden Toys Bundle • Gujarati | Hindi
Wooden Toys Bundle • Gujarati | Hindi
Wooden Toys Bundle • Gujarati | Hindi
Wooden Toys Bundle • Gujarati | Hindi

Wooden Toys Bundle • Gujarati | Hindi

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The Wooden Toys Bundle is the perfect play set for all little active learners! This set includes the Shapes and Numbers Balance Boat, the Emotions Peg Dolls, and the Animal Matching Game Coin set. 

These colorful, durable, wooden toys are tools for you to interact with and teach little ones.  They also promote self-play and learning for children.  Use these wooden toys to help build your child's Gujarati or Hindi vocabulary, promote language learning, and introduce the concept of emotional self awareness. 

This bundle is perfect for your child or for the child of a loved one - be it for a young toddler or an older child! It is also the perfect item to have on hand for children who visit!   

Available in two languages:

    • Gujarati
    • Hindi


This purchase includes one of each of the following in your selected language (These items will come individually packaged, gift wrap is not included):

    • The Shapes & Colors Balance Boat which includes one boat and 6 colored shapes sitting in an open wooden tray for easy storage. The shape blocks include the name of the shape on one side and the color on the other side in the selected language. The boat and shapes are hand crafted of Beech wood, the tray is made of Schima Suberba wood, and all are carefully hand painted with non toxic paint.
    • The Emotions Peg Dolls Set which includes 8 beautifully crafted Emotions Peg Dolls sitting in an open wooden tray for easy storage. These colorful dolls feature the following emotions: love(d), angry, excited, sad, shy, calm, happy, frustrated. Each doll is handmade of Schima Superba wood and hand painted with non toxic paints.

    • The Animal Matching Game contains 16 round, wooden pieces (8 animals) that are 5 cm in diameter. The pieces are made from Schima Suberba wood that is hand painted with non-toxic paints. A cloth drawstring bag is included for easy storage and transport for on the go fun.


* Please note that our wooden toys are handmade by master artisans one piece at a time. The beauty of such handmade items is that there may be a slight variation from one item to the next and we believe this adds to the unique charm of each heirloom piece.