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Emotions Peg Dolls  • Gujarati | Hindi | Spanish | English
Emotions Peg Dolls  • Gujarati | Hindi | Spanish | English
Emotions Peg Dolls  • Gujarati | Hindi | Spanish | English
Emotions Peg Dolls  • Gujarati | Hindi | Spanish | English

Emotions Peg Dolls • Gujarati | Hindi | Spanish | English

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Ships in January. Available for pre-order.

I am incredibly proud to share these Emotions Peg Dolls with you to offer palpable objects for our children to examine as they explore what is within their hearts. 

The Emotions Peg Dolls are a learning tool for our expressive littles – our sometimes happy, sometimes angry, sometimes shy littles.  They are a vehicle for teaching our children about emotions and will assist them in identifying and expressing their feelings, hence building their emotional intelligence.

The added ability to describe these feelings in their native languages will be an incredibly powerful way to share experiences across generations. 

These colorful little dolls are also a valuable learning tool for every adult. Whether it is while caring for a child or simply for us – these dolls can help us identify, respect, and respond to not only children’s complex emotions, but also our own.

Use these dolls in conjunction with our daily Emotions Poster to help extend emotional intelligence learning!

Available in four languages:

    • Gujarati
    • Hindi
    • Spanish
    • English

All non-English dolls also feature the English translation for each emotion on the back of the doll.

Each set includes 8 beautifully crafted Emotions Peg Dolls sitting in an open wooden tray for easy storage. These colorful dolls feature the following emotions: love(d), angry, excited, sad, shy, calm, happy, frustrated.  Each 90mm tall doll is handmade of Schima Superba wood and hand painted with non toxic paints.